​the romance of motorsports and motoring; doing one's​ very best on track, in life.  do you have the motor>spirit.

"Winning is not just speed, it is being prepared in every way."

Pete Aron

"You must always strive to be the best, but you must never believe you are."

​Juan Manuel Fangio

"Doing your very best, luck will be at the next corner."

Gino Borghese 

​"You must treat your racecar like a beautiful woman."

​Gino Borghese (Modena, 1955)

"The harder I push myself, the more I find within myself."

Ayrton Senna

//motor spirit was the English term for motor oil in the early 20th century.

​//Honda has The Racing Spirit and in that sense comes motor>spirit,

as inspired by popular Japanese culture.

//motor>spirit is the romance of motorsports and motoring; a time of colorful personalities

and stylish sportsmen.  Personal excellence and international exclusivity.

​Popular with executive-level and new-generation enthusiasts.

​//the motor>spirit logo represents a motivation​ to do one's very best on track, in life.

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